Train Your Mind for Success

Perhaps you have ever wondered what’s holding you back from realizing your full potential and goals in life.

Regardless of what your conscious aims, the subconscious mind directs all activities in your day-to-day life. Have you immersed yourself in a positive affirmation and still nothing happened? Or have you ever dreamt of a target that couldn’t be fulfilled? Surely, it’s happened with everybody some time during their lives. It is because your subconscious mind wasn’t convinced of the goals you had set for yourself.

Analogy of your Mind and a Ship

Consider your subconscious mind to be the crew of a ship, and your conscious mind to the captain. It’s highly likely the crew could fight if the captain gets out of touch with the crew. If the crew determines it does not believe the captain, the boat will be taken by the crew wherever they want to steer it. This, obviously, is not the most productive means to steer the boat!
And neither is it for your life to run. Your conscious mind should maintain the power and control of your life. But it’s often seen that the boat is being driven by the subconscious mind and is with the aware thoughts out of touch. Success is limitless if you tune your feeling and emotions in line with your subconscious mind!

The Solution to your Problem

So, you may ask – “how can I get back in harmony with my subconscious mind?”
The answer is very simple. You need to have a strong foundation over the major subconscious mind power techniques so that you can harness the full potential of the law of attraction in any aspect of your life.
Additionally, I ‘d propose hypnosis as being the most effective. Hypnosis is safe, painless, pleasurable, simple, quick, and tremendously successful. It is not impossible to make important breakthroughs in any one place you happen to be working on in only one session. Hypnosis addresses the conscious and the subconscious minds, directing them to work collectively in methods that are efficient to solve the issue. And once the session is over, its effectiveness can be judged by you by the results you get and the way you feel.

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Happiness Secrets of a Family

I know. It is difficult occasionally. Thinking positively is always difficult. Initially it becomes another “big deal”. Then once you understand the process, the thoughts that are negative & crappy appear to creep in. But here’s the deal. We have the pride within us and thus this “negative” will exist in most people.

BUT there are ways to efficiently handle them and move through a more “sensible” (pun intended) head. We need to think better, because it’s our thoughts that are creating our reality and if we want to live a better life – we must alter our heads actively. It is unavoidable.
There are three special mental exercises that I use once I need help thinking absolutely.

1. I picture an enormous alloy slab moving through my head shoving everything in its course from my consciousness when a negative thought comes to mind. From left to right, I could see the slab bulldozing the thoughts out of my mind.
2. Another way is to shout at the notion emotionally, “OUTSIDE!” Afterward see the thought run away from your feelings and from within you. This is the preferred method of changing ideas from negative to positive as per Louise Hay, the founder of Hay House Publishing.
3. Lastly, as soon as I become aware of my negative thoughts, my point of focus is shifted and altered on to something else. I pick a thought and develop positive feelings and confidence about it, leaving the negative narrative in the debris. Normally the new thought is the reverse or an improved made up of what I was just thinking prior to it (i.e. the negative thought), or it is something totally different that I have the ability to bring it about as a reality in my life.
HINT: Combine the last approach (#3) with the first two processes.

Even when I am at my most balanced (head, body, soul), those negative thoughts creep in. BUT I shall say they don’t stick around long. They come in my mind, are caught instantly, and are merely disregarded using more or one of these strategies.
This video gives you some tips on how happiness and harmony can be achieved within a family at home. It’s all possible using the Law of Attraction and tapping into your Subconscious Mind.

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